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    The Codebox Systems Blog is a collection of articles and tutorials written with the purpose of sharing information about software and technology.

    Every post is tagged, searchable, and modular. By modular, we mean that a single post could be referenced by dozens of others if it's pertinent to the information at hand.

    For example, a tutorial about generating an SSH key will be referenced by every following tutorial that requires an SSH key to exist. Because of this modular system, tutorials will be written in a free-form non-linear way, and compiled into long-form tutorials in the future.

    We'll continue to update content with your comments in mind. The long-term goal is to provide technical documentation that addresses all of the issues and roadblocks we run into as IT professionals.

    All tutorials will come with an OS toggle, revealing context-sensitive information for each supported operating system. OS-specific issues and errors will also be highlighted, along with their solutions.

    Any and all ideas on how to improve our documentation is welcome.

    - Rob Layton